Bachelor in Science of Art and Design of Video Game


The Bachelor in Science of Art and Design of Video Game program prepares students to become digital artists who can work in the field of creating and developing video games and in the different production areas by creating artistic content and techniques for it. Students learn a variety of technical skills such as modeling and 3D animation, plus programming and integrating elements into a video game engine, and they can participate fully in the development of a local production or adapt to a production in the international market.

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  • Rodrigo Barasorda, Academic Coordinator of the Art Science and Video Game Design and Animation Department
  • For more information about this program, call: (787) 720-1022, press 1

What distinguishes and characterizes the program?

The Atlantic University College Science of Art and Design of Video Game program is a pioneer program in Puerto Rico, with a more systematic and diversified focus than other artistic academic programs, because it demands that its students have extensive knowledge in different technical and artistic areas. This program studies the classic elements of oral, verbal, and visual narrative, as well as other classic concepts of cinematography and animation, and adds a factor lacking in both areas: the audience’s ability to make decisions that not only influence the story but also change its outcome entirely.  To do this, the artist must create different versions of the elements within the game in order to simulate reactions or changes based on the actions taken or decisions made by the player.  The artist not only works on different 2D and 3D elements, but also develops different sequences of animation and visual states of static elements.  All elements must be designed taking into account the technological capacities of modern consoles and creating models and enhanced images that can be processed in real time.

Which courses are included?

The program includes courses in the development of narrative and anatomy concepts, digital conceptual art, plus the design and animation of both 2D and 3D objects and characters, the creation of skeletons and textures to help create a personality and a visual style through color, physical appearance, and body language. Concepts of programming and integrating interactive elements are studied, ultimately leading to the development of prototypes and special projects.

Where can you find work?

Students who graduate with a Bachelor in Art Science and Video Game Design can work as traditional and/or digital artists as illustrators and/or conceptual artists, previsualization artists, creators of textures and 2D and/or 3D models for reference or integration in videogames, etc. They can also work as technical artists as interface designers, basic programmers of videogame engine elements, and creators of character, animal, and object rigs.  These fields apply to the videogame market, multimedia, interactive programs for mobile devices, consoles, and/or computer games for entertainment, education, interactive simulations, and/or promotional products.

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27-1014 Multimedia Artists and Animators

27-0000Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media Occupations (Major Group)

Bachelor in Science of Art and Design of Video Game
Cost of the program $24,909.00