Bachelor in Science in Digital Animation


The Bachelor in Science in Digital Animation is an academic program that teaches students the technical, artistic, and professional skills needed to work in the animation industry.  The education obtained enables students to develop all types of personal and/or commercial projects, from images, logos, characters, environments, and animated special effects in 2D and 3D for commercials and/or short films.

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Contact Information

  • Rodrigo Barasorda, Academic Coordinator of the Art Science and Video Game Design and Animation Department
  • For more information about this program, call: (787) 720-1022, press 1

What distinguishes and characterizes the program?

The Bachelor in Science in Digital Animation is a pioneer program in Puerto Rico and is distinguished for mixing classic elements with modern two-dimensional and three-dimensional technologies to create a product that fits the needs of the entertainment industry: transmitting a message in a captive manner to youth and the general masses. Students are trained to manage several stages of a project, as well as to participate in all stages of production, from writing the story through a script or storyboard to its design, creation, animation, and production. The use of classic narrative tools and artistic concepts is constantly intertwined with highly technological programs that enable any concept or story to be enhanced and developed in a number of visual styles.

Which courses are included?

The program includes traditional courses of drawing and designing objects and characters, digital concept art, narrative visual sequences (storyboarding), principles of animation, design and animation of 2D and 3D characters and objects, creation of textures and skeletons (rigs) to accentuate and pose characters, digital special effects, sound editing and recording, and the integration of all these elements to create short films and special projects.

Where can you work?

Students graduating with a Bachelor in Science in Digital Animation can work as traditional and/or digital artists such as: illustrators, storyboard artists, 3D modelers, 2D and 3D animators, etc. They can also work as technical artists in sound editing, creating rigs for characters, animals, and objects, digital composition, special effects, and any other type of audiovisual production in the field of television, cinema, and web, plus other visual communication fields.

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Bachelor in Science in Digital Animation
Cost of the program $24,909.00